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Welcome to comprehensive library of legal documents, legal papers, and business forms has been prepared by attorneys to provide you with safe, informative, and easy-to-use legal forms for following Regions:-

  • United States Legal Forms
  • Canadian Legal Forms
  • Australian Legal Forms
  • Indian Legal Forms
With ALL attorney-prepared packet you will:
  • Avoid Headaches: Know that you have all the forms you need
  • Save Money: You won't pay expensive attorney's fee, and you won't pay for each form individually
  • Gain peace of mind: Know that your forms are up-to-date and comply with the law
  • Feel Secure: All of our forms are backed by our 100% money back guarantee, if the form isn't right for you, receive a full refund
  • Save Time: Download every form you need instantly

25 Most Popular Forms

  1. Residential Lease agreement
  2. Quitclaim Deed
  3. Durable Power of attorney - Effective Immediately
  4. Contract for Sale of Real Estate - New Loan or Loan assumption
  5. Residential Rental applications
  6. General Power of attorney
  7. advanced Health Care Directive
  8. Partnership agreement - Long Form
  9. Wills for Married Persons with adult Children
  10. automobile Bill of Sale - aS IS
  11. automobile Bill of Sale
  12. Wills for Married Persons with Minor Children
  13. Contract for Deed
  14. Separation agreement
  15. Power of attorney for Health Care
  16. Residential Lease (with Option to Purchase)
  17. Independent Contractor agreement
  18. Prenuptial agreement
  19. Offer to Purchase Real Estate
  20. apartment Lease
  21. Name Change Kits
  22. Employment application
  23. Power of attorney for the Care of Children
  24. Promissory Note - Installment
  25. Divorce Petitions and Complaints for couples without children
Why pay more to buy forms one-by-one when you can get everything you need for a fraction of the cost? Our attorney-prepared packet contains all of the most popular Employee Letters.

You can order/buy following forms in English & Spanish for US, Canada, UK, Australia:

Accounting, Affidavits, Assignments, Attorney Forms, Bankruptcy, Bill of Sale Forms, Borrowing, Lending & Collections, Business, Confidentiality, Contracts, Copyright, Corporations, Credit, Declarations, Deeds, Divorce & Separation, Employment, Entertainment Contracts & forms, Events, Family Law, Government, Health Care, Homestead, Indemnity Agreements, Intellectual Property, Internet, Landlord & Tenant, Leases & Rentals, Letters, Limited Liability Company, Living Trusts, Living Wills, Name Change, Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure, Notices, Partnership, Power of Attorney, Promissory Notes, Real Estate, Receipts, Releases, Sales & Purchases, Technology & UCC Forms.

Writing a legal document yourself, or using out-of-date forms, can be a costly mistake. Protect yourself, your rights and your property - without expensive lawyer fees. Our Forms are prepared by attorneys, not just attorney-reviewed, up to date, and specifically designed for your state.

Click Here for Intellectual Property Forms

Spanish Forms

Various business forms available in Spanish. These attorney-prepared forms include employment agreements, bills of sale, promissory notes and service agreements. Why hire an attorney when you can purchase these attorney-prepared forms at a fraction of the cost.

Save money and time by purchasing popular Spanish Forms together in convenient combo packages. These combos contain attorney-prepared employment and landlord/tenant forms. By purchasing a combo package you have a variety of forms for use at your fingertips and take advantage of an attorney's expertise for a fraction of the cost.

Employment Forms (Formas para Empleo) :- Popular - Employment related forms, including employment agreement forms, applications, and papers for use by employers and employees in all states. Formas relacionadas con el empleo, incluyendo formas de contratos de empleo, solicitudes y documentos usados por empleadores y empleados en todos los estados. Click Here for Formas relacionadas con el empleo

Why hire an attorney when you can purchase these attorney-prepared forms at a fraction of the cost?
  • Spanish Form Combo Packages :- Save money and time by purchasing our popular Spanish Forms together in convenient combo packages. These combos contain attorney-prepared employment and landlord/tenant forms. By purchasing a combo package you have a variety of forms for use at your fingertips and take advantage of an attorney's expertise for a fraction of the cost. Click Here for Avisos y Cartas

  • Bill of Sale (Contrato de Compraventa) :- These Bill of Sale forms are available in Spanish and designed for use in all states. The Automobile Bill of Sale form sets out the terms when you sell a car “as is” without any type of warranty. The General Bill of Sale can be used to document any type of sales transaction – an auto, electronics such as television or computers or even artwork. Both forms are important for accounting purposes and will prove helpful when tax season rolls around. (e.g.) Form to use when buying or selling a vehicle "As Is" in all states. Includes Odometer Disclosure Statement. These forms are available for immediate download. Click Here for Contrato de Compraventa

  • Business Forms (Formas para Negocios) :- Business Forms containing both Spanish and English translations. These attorney-prepared forms include an asset purchase and business plan confidentiality agreement. Both forms can easily be tailored to fit your unique needs. You can buy un Contrato de Compra de Activos & Business Plan Confidentiality Agreement (w/ Spanish translation) Click Here for Formas para Negocios

  • Leases (Contrato de Arrendamiento) :- These Lease Agreement forms contain both English and Spanish translations and can be used in all states. The Residential Lease Agreement sets forth an agreement between a landlord and tenant for residential property. The Residential Lease Extension extends a lease past its expiration date without a new lease being signed. The Month-to-Month Lease Agreement rents a residence to a tenant on a month-to-month rather than a year-to-year basis. These legal documents are available for immediate download. Click Here for Contrato de Arrendamiento

  • Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements (Acuerdos de no-divulgación y confidencialidad) :- Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements with English and Spanish translations. These attorney-prepared forms cover a variety of situations and can easily be customized to fit your needs. Take advantage of an attorney's expertise. Click Here for Acuerdos de no-divulgación y confidencialidad

  • Notices and Letters (Avisos y Cartas) :- These Notices and Letters include both English and Spanish translations. These attorney-prepared forms include a notice to vacate, notice of rent increase and recommendation letters. Don't take a chance when you can benefit from our legal expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own attorney. Click Here for Avisos y Cartas

  • Power of Attorney (Carta Poder) :- Una Carta Poder Limitada permite que una persona “mentalmente” competente (llamado el “Mandante” o “Benefactor”) a autorizar a alguien más (llamado el “Agente” o “Apoderado”) para actuar en su nombre. Esta forma de Carta Poder que puede “hacer usted mismo” puede personalizarse para ajustarse a sus necesidades y es válida inmediatamente. La forma permite al autor del documento seleccionar y agregar párrafos adicionales que otorgan diferentes poderes a un Agente. El paquete incluye varios párrafos preescritos de donde seleccionar. El Autor/ Benefactor también puede seleccionar entre una Carta Poder durable (por ejemplo: una Carta Poder que seguirá en efecto aún después de una incapacidad o discapacidad del Benefactor) o una Carta Poder no durable (por ejemplo si la Carta Poder no será válida después de la muerte, incapacidad o discapacidad del Mandante). Click Here for Carta Poder

  • Prenuptial Agreement (Acuerdo Prematrimonial) :- A prenuptial agreement is a private agreement between two parties who are intending to marry that sets forth the distribution of assets (and debts) that will occur in the event of the parties’ divorce or death. Click Here for Acuerdo Prematrimonial

  • Promissory Notes (Pagaré) :- Un pagaré establece la obligación del prestatario de pagar una deuda con todo e intereses. Este documento establece la cantidad del préstamo, los términos del préstamo, la taza de interés, el plan de pagos y los derechos y obligaciones del prestamista y prestatario. Establece además que el préstamo deberá ser pagado en pagos mensuales de una cierta cantidad hasta que sea liquidado por completo. Esta forma permite que el prestatario liquide el préstamo en un momento determinado sin incurrir en multas. Este paquete contiene: (1) Instrucciones y lista de verificación para Pagares; (2) Información sobre Pagares; y (3) Pagaré. Esta forma se puede utilizar en varios Estados. Click Here for Pagaré

  • Rental Applications (Solicitud de Alquiler de Vivienda) :- Choosing a good tenant is an important decision for a landlord to make. With a standard, thorough rental application, you can obtain information from that prospective tenant, including prior rental history, employment and credit related information. A complete form should ask the would-be tenant to consent to a credit and background check. The information you gather through this application can tell you whether your prospective tenant is likely to be considerate and responsible, or whether he will be the proverbial tenant from hell. Click Here for Solicitud de Alquiler de Vivienda

  • Service Agreements (Contratos de Servicio) :- Service Agreements for use in a variety of situations. These attorney-prepared agreements are used when hiring an individual or company to provide services such as pool cleaning, catering or website maintenance. These forms can easily be tailored to fit your unique needs and many contain both Spanish and English translations. (forms e.g.) Contrato de Servicios de Entrenamiento Deportivo, Un Contrato de Servicios de Diseño de Panadería/Pastelería, Contrato de Servicios de Banquetes, Contrato de Servicios de Consultoría, Contrato de Servicios de Florería, Contrato de Servicios para Limpieza de Casa, Contrato de Servicios de Fotografía, Contrato de Servicios para Alberca, Servicios de Consultor de Tecnología, Contrato para Diseño de Sitio Web, Contrato de Servicios de Mantenimiento de Sitio Web etc... Click Here for Avisos y Cartas

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Our Promise to You: We provide accurate, legal and secure forms. All of our forms are prepared by attorneys, can be downloaded and accessed immediately, and are backed by a 100% money back guarantee – if you are dissatisfied, in any way, you get your money back.

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