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Consolidating Student Loans is an easy way to lower your interest rates and reduce your monthly payments. Sign Up now and start saving today! Your estimated saving may Calculate Here , your actual savings may differ due to various other factors which may be not considered while estimated saving calculator but may consider with professional consolidators.

Student Loan Consolidation can :
  • Consolidate Stafford Loan,
  • Student PLUS Loans and
  • Direct College Student Loans!

Student loan consolidation is a refinancing program that :-
  • Reduces your monthly payments
  • Locks in your interest rate
  • Simplifies your finances by creating one low monthly payment
  • Improves your credit rating
  • Saves you money today when you need it most
  • Gives you flexible repayment options
  • Learn about how consolidation works in this step by step tutorial!

Why consolidate with us?

  • NO penalty for early or extra payments!
  • Receive an additional 0.6% interest rate reduction by consolidating during your grace period!
  • Reduce your interest rate as much as an additional 1.25% through our borrower benefits package.
  • There are no fees, no credit checks, no cosigners, no job required!
  • Student loan consolidation can significantly reduce your monthly payment burden.
  • Get personalized customer service - start to finish
Some more reasons to be with us! *
  • Combine loans with the same interest rate
  • Not sure what your rates are? Call us!
  • Stafford Loans in grace period have a rate of 6.54%
  • Stafford Loans in repayment have a rate of 7.14%
  • Stafford Loans issued before July 1, 1998 have a rate of 7.94%
  • Stafford Loans issued after July1, 2006 have a rate of 6.8%
  • Parent PLUS Loans issued after July 1, 2006 have a rate of 8.50%
  • Parent PLUS Loans issued after July 1, 1998 but before July 1, 2006 have a rate of 7.94%
  • Previous consolidations have fixed rates set at time of consolidation
  • Have more than 5 loans? No problem!
* Data provided here may be not updated & for representation purposes only.

Student Loan Consolidation allows you to stretch your repayment period from the standard 10 years to up to 30 years, depending on the amount of your education debts. The lower payment allow you to meet other household expenses, including car payments, childcare, and career-related necessities. NO penalty for early or extra payments so you can make bigger payments when it becomes affordable.

Student Debt Consolidation Calculator
Description Data Entry
Loan Amount
Loan Length in Months
Interest Rate (e.g.:- 6.54%, 7.14%, 7.94%, 6.8%, 8.50%)
Monthly Payment Calculated
Enter only numeric values (no commas), using decimal points where needed. Non-numeric values will cause errors.

The results of this loan payment calculator are for comparison purposes only. They will be a close approximation of actual loan repayments if available at the terms entered, from a financial institution. This is being provided for you to plan your next loan application. To use, enter values for the Loan Amount, Number of Months for Loan, and the Interest Rate (e.g. 7.25), and click the Calculate button. Clicking the Reset button will clear entered values.

We provides college students with the best online education advice and resources, from new federal and private student loans, to the best consolidation loans and rates.

Eligible Loans for Federal Loan Consolidation

The following federal education loans are eligible for consolidation into a Federal Consolidation Loan:
  • Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans
  • Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans
  • Direct PLUS Loans and Federal PLUS Loans
  • Direct Consolidation Loans and Federal Consolidation Loans
  • Guaranteed Student Loans
  • Federal Insured Student Loans
  • Federal Supplemental Loans for Students
  • Auxiliary Loans to Assist Students
  • Federal Perkins Loans
  • National Direct Student Loans
  • National Defense Student Loans
  • Health Education Assistance Loans
  • Health Professions Student Loans
  • Loans for Disadvantaged Students
  • Nursing Student Loans
Apply now for student loan consolidation!

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